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Thomas asked the following question. How many hours / week do you actively spend together on your PC / laptop for analysis and trading?

  Ø 10h a week   Ø 20h a week   Ø 30h a week   Ø More than 30h a week

Lukas asked the following question to focusONanalysis: Hello focusONanalysis. I am interested in why you are trading with Renko? 

Answer by Boris: Hello Lukas. At the beginning of my trading career I tried to integrate myself into the stream of the majority. I have struggled with the immense amount of information, indicators, candlestick patterns etc. for a very long time and during my trades I found that there was simply too much information that I, as a trader, have to process during an active trading season. So I started to make a list of what information is actually crucial to being a profitable trader. I was able to remove more than 80% of all factors on my list within six months without any problems.

Frank asked the following question. Do you trade with indicators?

  Yes. I trade with indicators   No. I trade without indicators

Chris asked the following question: Which trading platform do you trade on?

  cTrader   MetaTrader4   MetaTrader5   Ninja Trader   Web Trader   TradingView   Other

Sahra asked the following question. How many losing trades do you have?

  Ø 1 of 10 Trades   Ø 2 of 10 Trades   Ø 3 of 10 Trades   Ø 3 and more of 10 trades