Who we are?

Hello traders, my name is Boris. I am the founder and CEO of focusONanalysis.com® and inventor of the “TradingPERCENTPanel®” and the “RenkoBOOSTPanel®”. 

After more than 7 years and well over 15,000 hours of experience in the market, I have developed my own minimalist style of Multi-Timeframe Analysis and removed up to 80% of all previously used tools.

focusONanalasys offers you a simple and minimalist variant of chart analysis for financial products. It does not matter whether you are trading crypto, forex, stocks or other financial products. My Team and Me concentrate purely on the market structure and the visible events in the market without indicators, candlestick patterns or other tech support. It's like riding a bike.

Convince yourself! Scroll down a bit and take a look at our multi-timeframe analyzes.

 What we do?

  • Instruments: At focusONanalysis.com® we are currently trading mainly in Forex.
  • Without the pointless market slang: After more than 15,000 hours of experience, we have created a minimalist trading style that cannot yet be compared with any other.
  • Risk/Reward Ratio: We only create, trade and publish setups with a risk/reward ratio of more than 3:1.
  • Multi-timeframe: In order to achieve an risk/reward ratio of more than 3:1, we trade with multi-timeframe. To do this, we determine the trend in a higher time unit with Renko 50-10 (ØW1-H4) in order to break it down successively into smaller Renko units of 9-2 (ØH1-M5).
  • Quality over quantity: We ignore instruments that do not represent any potential profit for us until a market structure that is positive for us forms. We explain what we expect in a setup and warn you in advance what we don't want in a setup.
  • Publication: focusONanalysis.com® publishes all of its long-term analyzes on its website every weekend. To do this, any of our members can register on our website.
  • Education: Get our eBook | "Trading without the pointless stock slang" based on over 15,000 hours of experience. We explain the money management, multi-timeframe, entry and stop-go rules, the important market structure, uncomplicated trading strategies and much more in a minimalist and simple way. Optionally, you can get the "TradingPERCENTPanel®" with our eBook.
  • No complicated membership plans: no focusONanalysis.com® membership plans is automatically renewed. You get what you book. If your membership plan is not renewed within four weeks, we will delete your data. Choose the PRO1 membership plan for one month or the PRO3 for three months.

Multi-Timeframe Example

  • 1_1
  • 3_1

The Trading PERCENT Panel®

  • Open positions in Lot or in % by Balance
  • Place the take profit in pip or at a set price
  • A line is projected in the middle of the chart representing the stop loss
  • Risk in % is automatically calculated based on the position of the stop loss line
  • Close all running positions with just one button
  • Leave the calculation of money management to the panel and concentrate on the market structure
  • Get the Newbie ALL INCLUSIVE Package now (eBook + TradingPERCENTPanel + 12 weeks of analysis) and save 19%